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A Masterpiece in Delfts Blauwe Tegels

We've commissioned an impressive permanent feature for Ons Museum - a 3 x 5 metre tableau in Delft Blue tiles that will show a picture of the very first documented meeting between Maori and Europeans - Abel Tasman's men and local Maori in 1642, in 'Moordenaers Baaij' (today: Golden Bay).

One of New Zealand's best known ceramic artists, Anneke Borren, has created the tableau for us. She was trained in the factory De Porceleyne Fles, in Delft.This will be an iconic mural, depicting a crucial moment in our country's history. The Tableau has been installed in Oranjehof in Foxton.

To find out more about the creation of the Tasman Tableau by Anneke Borren  click here. She tells you her personal story. (See below for photos of parts of the finished work, courtesy of Anneke Borren)

We've based the Tasman Tableau on a drawing by Isaac Gilsemans, who was on one of Tasman's ships, and who created a pen drawing in brown ink - the first western image of the Maori in December, 1642 (see image below)


Tile - Warriors Tile - Landscape 2 Tile - Waka Blue