Oranjehof - Your Dutch Connection Centre

Our Exhibitions

The Dutch Connection will feature 3 Permanent Exhibitions, which will tell our most important Stories. But there will be much more. To make regular visitors come back and attract new visitors to the Centre we'll also organise an ongoing series of Temporary Exhibitions. Check out our Preliminary Exhibition Designs by clicking here for a complete overview. Or have a look at just the visuals of our four main exhibitions.

Permanent Exhibitions - Education and Understanding

1. A Long Common History - Record and illustrate our presence

  • Individuals - Abel Tasman / Early arrivals in the 19th century (eg, Julius Vogel as Prime Minister) / Jewish leaders / Petrus van der Velden - to teach landscape painting, and the Van Asch family / education for the deaf (famous today for bungy jumping)
  • Organised migration waves - Pre-WWII Carpenters / Post-WWII NZ + NL collaboration / The Backgrounds to organised migration in the 1950s and 1960s / the NZ Alien Passes and 'Make them Britishers' approach / the huge NL propaganda and support machine
  • Modern arrivals - Equipped with mobiles that roam the globe and internet connections / well-educated

2. The Dutch Influence - Celebrate our contribution in sports, arts, farming, business and science

  • Individuals like Yvonne Willering and Kees Meeuws, artists like Ans Westra, and individual business icons such as Vogel's bread and Lockwood Homes, T&T clothing and Rembrandt suits, Verkerk deli or Van Camp chocolate
  • Our impact on a changing NZ society: Dairy industry and Fonterra, Family businesses, Food and Hospitality business, Horticulture, Building industry, Social Values (police, work ethics, family values, tolerance)

3. The Meeting of Two Cultures: Illustrate the intangible - Through oral history, videos, photos, interactive media, exhibits

  • Culture shock and culture clashes in the 1950s and 1960s - Integration / Life as 2nd class citizens / Problems encountered
  • Government attitudes - Policies / Institutional discrimination / Individual attitudes / Kiwi hospitality / Discrimination / Xenophobia
  • Identity loss - Heimwee / Isolation / Cultural and psychological consequences for 2nd and 3rd generation Dutch Kiwis
  • Intercultural melting pot - Getting used to each other, / Inter-marriage / Freedom from social control / Adapting and flourishing

Temporary Exhibitions - Inspire and Entertain through Intercultural Exchanges

  • Build a Common Future: Exhibitions on topics of the day - Common to both the Netherlands and New Zealand to link both countries closer together (eg rising sea levels / wind power / trade and business co-operation / international peace keeping / migration)
  • Art and Achievements: Exhibitions of Netherlands / New Zealand artists (eg, Theo Schoon, Miriam van Weezel, Peter Sauerbier, Ans Westra) / science / business / music / theatre / inventions and innovation
  • Traveling exhibitions from the Netherlands: Like in the past / Anne Frank / World Press Photo  / etches by Rembrandt / art / design / technology

Cultural Centre - Recreation, Culture and Learning

  • Performances / Multimedia / Debate - Events in the Theatrette / Gallery / Reception / Courtyard Area
  • Dutch Community events (Sinterklaas, Het Festijn) / Local events / Business activities
  • Discussion forums on Hot Topics of the Day
  • Starting point for Activities (eg, annual bike ride, or national Dutch Market day)