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Our Collection

Our Collection

The museum collection of the Dutch Connection is complete as the Trust has decided that we are not going to be a collecting museum. We simply have enough pieces to tell our story.

The collection was started when some alert older Dutch New Zealanders realised that many beautiful pieces our immigrants lovingly brought here were getting sold cheaply or destroyed after the owners moved to a smaller dwelling or passed away. The children and grandchildren simply did not realise their monetary, sentimental or cultural value or were not interested.

This was the basic idea that got our museum project started. We wanted to preserve our heritage. We started collecting items from elderly Dutch New Zealanders, especially in the Auckland area. We found good storage for these items and the collection has grown steadily over the years and comprises many valuable and interesting items.

One of the flagship pieces of our collection is a set of Dutch regional costumes from alle windhoeken as we say in Dutch, meaning from all the provinces of the Netherlands.

They were lovingly collected and hand made by the late Hans de Wijn.

Other collection items include prints, paintings, furniture, Blue Delft vases and tiles, embroidery, Frisian skates and brass.

We will tell the story of Dutch immigration to New Zealand and want to highlight individual success stories of Dutch entrepreneurs, Dutch societies, sports people, artists, politicians and other Dutch New Zealanders like you and me.

We also want to organize temporary exhibitions to show art produced by Dutch Kiwis and we want to accommodate travelling exhibitions.

But we also want to tell the stories of people who decided not to stay here for some reason. That would complete the picture for visitors to our Museum.

We are therefore also collecting oral history and (auto)biographies, diaries, photos, letters (correspondentie) that were sent home to the Netherlands, as well as books and newspapers articles that have been published about Dutch New Zealanders.

If you want to contribute anything to our collection (eg, furniture, objects, letters, photos or stories) please Contact Us.