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Include Us in Your Will

Your Will sets out your wishes, making them clearer for everyone. You'll probably want to specify who you'd like to provide for after you're gone. You can also bequeath specific gifts to specific persons and organisations like ours. Your executor or trustee can then carry out your wishes, instead of the Law determining how your estate is divided.

It's all quite easy to organise. To write your Will online, you can visit organisations like You can also telephone your solicitor  and make an appointment to have one prepared. Or you can contact us if you need help.

In that way you can make your dedication to the Dutch heritage cause last for future generations.

For Your Existing Will

Fill out the Codicil Form and include it with your existing Will. Click here to fill out the complete Codicil Form that you can add to your existing Will.

For Your New Will

Do you wish to leave something to the Dutch Connection Museum Trust? Include the following paragraphs in a new Will. 

Appropriate wording may be as follows:

I give to the Dutch Connection for its general purposes (or a specified purpose)

A percentage of my estate, or

The residue of my estate, or

The following property or assets, or

The amount (in words)

You can either give specific items, or money, or the residue of your estate (what's left of your estate after all expenses have been paid and gifts have been made).

A receipt given on behalf of the Dutch Connection Trust Board, shall be a sufficient discharge to your trustees for the gift and nor shall your trustees be bound to see to the application of the gift.

Under current law there is no estate duty or tax charged on bequests to the Dutch Connection Museum.