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Donate Your Treasures – Erfstukken

If your kids don't appreciate the traditional Dutch treasures you brought with you, don't let them take things to the tip or give stuff to Salvation Army shops. Give your most cherished possessions to the Dutch Connection! Donate it now, before you forget! Please Contact Us.

We're interested in anything typically Dutch.

  • High value, or unique items. We've come across a familie bijbel from the 1600s, for example, and silver objects for religious ceremonies. Perhaps you have a sculpture or a painting - een beeldje of een schilderij? (Een Rembrandt zou mooi zijn…)
  • Personal items that tell your story. We would like to collect your Alien Pass, diaries or dagboeken, photo albums, or correspondence with home. Ask in the Netherlands if they still have your original letters or briefwisselingen...
  • Common items. Originele dingetjes die u meebracht voor huiskamer en keuken - misschien een vergiet, of een tafelkleed...
  • Travel items. Things you brought on your journey - by ship or plane. Anything that shows how we travelled to NZ, back in the day...
  • Anything out of the ordinary. For example, we've been gifted mooi borduurwerk and a set of 20 magnificent klederdracht traditional costumes and jewellery, from the various Dutch provinces

Huiskamer en KeukenKeuken - Kitchen - Exhibition pic

We want to show everybody how we lived, when we first arrived in the 50s and 60s. One thing Kiwis always tell us is how they'd visit the Dutch family down the road and step into another world, with carpets on the table. Let's recreate those scenes.

We are looking for items that can you would find in a typical Huiskamer and a Keuken (living room and kitchen). It could be a matteklopper of een schilderijtje. We already have a piano, een wieg, koperwaar, keulse potjes, en zilveren theelepeltjes. But we need much more!

Spullen uit uw ScheepshutHuiskamer - Living room - Exhibition pic

We will also re-create in our Museum a typical hut or cabin from one of the ocean liners that brought 10,000s of Dutch migrants here (like on the Zuiderkruis - we hope to make it rock). If you have anything left from your trip - for example an old suitcase or hutkoffer, or clothes, or pyjamas, or a bruidsjurk (bridal gown) or your favourite doll? Let's put it on display to make our stories come alive!

Please donate your items. Don't forget to make it formal. Include us in your Will, for later. Or gift it now by clicking here.