Oranjehof - Your Dutch Connection Centre

Dutch Connection Trust

The Dutch Connection is a registered charitable trust. We first were registered as the Dutch Heritage Museum in 2004. All the necessary documentation on which this project is based can be found in the Key Documents.

Here's who's doing it

  • Museum Trust - The group that makes sure it all happen
  • Local Museum Coordinators - Your chance to help us, in many practical ways
  • Museum Friends - Join our initiative and we'll keep you informed by email

Your Museum Trust

  • Chairperson - Arjan van der Boon
  • Co-chair and Collections - Yolande van de Wetering
  • Treasurer - Yolande van de Wetering
  • Foxton Liaison - Joost de Bruin
  • Fundraising & Events - Agnes Maat
  • Website - Helena Sofia de Kok

Founding Members / Honorary Ambassadors

  • Maatje Kelderman - Vice Patron
  • Tony Strong
  • Tina Soons
  • Tina Drumm
  • Truus Tinsel
  • Bas van Hof (†)
  • Gerard Martens

Brief History to Date

Our plans for the Museum Centre are based on a lot of work we've done since 2005. Here are a few milestones.

  • 2006 - A nationwide Survey among the Dutch Community and an ongoing consultation process with Dutch organisations and individuals
  • 2006 - A Location Study to analyse potential museum sites across the country. Based on this information, the Dutch Community unanimously selected Foxton as preferred location for a Dutch Museum Centre
  • 2007 - Qualitative Feasibility Study by museum consultant Luit Bieringa, which led to a Creative Concept for the Centre that can create ongoing visitor interest
  • 2008 - A Constitution and a Collection Policy, as the foundation documents for Educational and Exhibition Policies and an Architectural Brief
  • 2007/2008 - A detailed Quantitative Feasibility Study, outlining 2 options for a sustainable business model
  • 2008 - Allocated $100,000 in capital funding by Horowhenua District Council
  • 2009 - Memorandum of Understanding with Horowhenua District Council
  • 2009 - Agreement with Tangata Whenua to work in partnership
  • 2010 - Joined the Te Awahou - Nieuwe Stroom Trust as a Settlor. Trust Deed executed in September, 2010
  • 2011 - Promotional Tour of the South Island.  Dutch Connection video launched.  November Koffiemaand nationwide museum promotion
  • 2012 - Preliminary Exhibition Designs. Produce TANS Feasibility Study and Business Plan