About Us

Een Plek voor Ons Allemaal - For All of UsOrgan - WIth lady and full view organ

The Nederlanders in NZ want a place to celebrate their origins, and build a fuller and richer future voor onze kinderen en kleinkinderen - the next generations. That's what all those Kiwis-on-Clogs throughout the country keep telling us. It's all about connecting more with our cultural roots, in one central place with all the right resources.

Let's celebrate the exciting story of the Dutch in New Zealand - ons verhaal! Let's build a place of our own that can bring the very best of Dutch-ness into our lives - in ons nieuwe thuisland. Check out the animated fly-through of the new building that will be created.

Let's create a future that's bristling with many lively links between the Netherlands and New Zealand. It could be in the area of sports, or art and performances, or science and debate. We'll bring two countries and two peoples closer together.

Check out Our Plans and Our Exhibitions. Check out the Te Taitoa Maori gallery plans. If you have any feedback, or want to contribute, please Contact Us. If you want to read more check out our leaflet or our Fundraising Prospectus.

A Lively Meeting PlaceDraaiorgel - Organ - Inner Workings

The Dutch Connection will be a dynamic Cultural Centre that will entertain, inspire and educate. Not just for the Dutch, but for the entire community. It will be a meeting place where people from throughout the country can have a great time and connect with each other. Our visitors can listen to Draaiorgel 'De Lieve Stem', eat a zoute haring, or smell the aroma of koffie met een stroopwafel.

Here's some examples. The Dutch Connection has brought you Karin Bloemen with a spectacular one woman comedy/cabaret show. The New Zealand Netherlands Foundation have brought the Anne Frank Exhibition to NZ, which is being visited by 100,000s of Kiwis. And a few years ago, etchings by Rembrandt and other Dutch artists were exhibited in the Auckland Art Gallery.

We need more of these events! Ons Museum Centrum in Foxton - next to the iconic De Molen and smack in the middle of the country along State Highway 1 - will give us all that kind of activity and more! Check out some views of what our Exhibitions could look like!